Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Social Media at Work Place: Socialise or Not To Socialise?

All my researches and studies just surprised me knowing the fact that just 48.3 percent of companies allow social networking site access at work place, though social networking is already caught up like a wild-fire everywhere, to every sphere of society. Be it in profession, personal life, religion, politics and culture.
This is like making yourself convinced with an illusion “it is night and dark everywhere” by just closing your eyes against light. No, you can't just prohibit its wider scope just prohibiting it from the work place.
Besides, I think this is more or less like a question whether I allow them to socialise or not to socialise? For, here you have a pool of resource or a wide network where your employee can acquire a treasure of knowledge. At this web of social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Blog, you are getting connected to a world of opportunities and possibilities which is beyond the scope of your speculation. Therefore, why you alone want to miss out this chance to get socialised? I believe, it is high-time to break up all the shackles of conservatism and start walking with time.
How can social media help your employees at work place? How can you transform social media into a fruitful tool for your organisation? 
Employees are your on-line Ambassadors: Each firm builds a great many strategies for promoting their organisation as a brand. Unfortunately, most of them are just avoiding the most powerful tool they have it in their hands; the employees. Give your employees every good reason and chance to promote your organisation. Let them tweet company happenings, release of a new software’s and some social events that took place in their company; all will provide more results for you.
'I love working for this company. It makes me so thrilled to learn more things everyday.'
Can you just imagine how big will be its circulation if an employee updated his or her status like-this? I think that it won't be hype if I said: even light won't travel at this speed. But, it all depends on how happy they are at their working place.
I would love to remind you that employees are an important link to reach your customers properly and simultaneously this is the great chance to brand your organisation's positive reputation all around.
Increase Productivity: The best use of social media is the best way to increase productivity at work place. Stress and strain from the work always make the employees embarrassed. Here they just want a breath out or a break. Social media will surely help your employees reach this relaxation. A funny quote, an enthralling photo, a creative design, a simple status update all can inject in them some spark to work more enthusiastically and productively.
If you reject this, they will find out some other mediums to compensate this. How about 20 cups of coffee a day or 20 coffee break?
Good Work Environment: Have you ever thought about the fact that 'how can I make my employees more interested in work? How will I make them happier at work place? How can I provide them a good working atmosphere?’ Provide them some freedom to move around. Let them have a mental break.
Don't you think that it would be perfect if your employees have a little space to stretch out their legs and enjoy a little joyful moments at work. It will make them happier and more willing to tackle their tasks. More importantly, there will naturally be created a good rapport between the employees and their organisation.
Finally, I am not neglecting the fact that there is a chance to abuse this privilege by some sort of negative updates against the organisation or working task. This attitude clearly reflects the unprofessional nature of the employee. However, it all depends on how you manage it prudently. Besides, an ideal awareness programme and a little bit of training will also help in this case. Obviously, you can introduce your social media usage policy to your employees and also educate them to be courteous, professional and prudent while using social media.
Eventually, never forget the fact; this is your chance to add more momentum for your organisation to go forward with a new pace.

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