Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 Essential Office Etiquette Tips

1. Office Attire
As of today, wearing ‘non-traditional attire’ will make a strong impact in the office. Most of the companies follow business casuals as their dress code. But before you join, understand the dress code what your organization follows and know what is not appropriate. Where some companies allow casual dresses, casual pants, khakis and polo shirts etc, some excluded jeans or open-toed shoes from their business casual policy. Also there are some unwritten policies like the dress code you can wear at office but the dress code you must follow when you meet a client.  Dress code in client meetings are said to be dressed like the client or one step above. The very important thing in office attire is that you dress appropriately for the job you want.

2. Be Polite in  language: Make use of  ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ 
You will be judged not only on what you wear, but also on what you speak. You have to be polite and confident while talking to your colleagues and managers. You might be forgotten to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ while hanging around with college friends, but when you enter into the corporate world, over there you will barely find any friends but colleagues. The casual talks with friends and business communication you should follow with your colleagues are entirely different. You should nurture the habit of respecting everyone you deal with. Keep in mind, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is considered as the magical words which you should not forget to use whenever it should be said. You have to follow a customer service attitude... be pleasant almost always.

3. Be a Team Player
There is no Robinson Crusoes in workplace; you need to work with others. Every employer wants their employees to work with others. Working with others actually means you are expected to work with many kinds of personalities. It may be difficult to deal with everyone in your team, so that it is very crucial to have an effective and understandable communication. You have to listen to others even if you cannot agree what they say. But make sure you are very much an open person to understand other’s perspectives while showing respect to their opinions. With an effective communication, you can influence the people around you. Moreover, these office etiquettes should be practiced throughout your professional life.  Yeah, just like any other new skills, it is a skill to which you need to be practiced and learned.


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