Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 things not to share with your HR

1.Don't share your personal problems 
Do not share your personal life issues with HR. sharing your family problems and tiffs with your friends are not going to make a difference to you or to your HR. your HR will only start pointing out your mistakes They are only to solve the issues you have in the company. They would never help you out with the problems you face outside your workplace. This will only damage the reputation of yours. 

2.Don't share your financial details: 
Discussing about your financial situation with your HR is of no use but a great loss. They are not bothered about your exaggeration or the real money you have. If you facing financial problems and would share with your HR thinking they would recommend for you to the higher official for the salary hike it?s never going to happen. They would just think you are trying to gain their sympathy to get your work done. 

3.Don't gossip about the workplace:
You talk a lot?? It is good. But don't ever try those tactics on your HR as they are just to have a look at you and how you are behaving and working at office. If you hate someone in your office and do some back biting about it to the HR thinking you will gain a great reputation will lead your loss. 

4.Don't discuss about your great parental holidays
You had a great holiday with your family and friends? Sounds great!! But not to your HR. you want to brag about them do it with your colleagues or to the people who is not an HR in your work place. HR Managers are insane. They don't have courtesy or love for people working in the company. 

5.Don't share your online profile by adding them:
An HR can only be your guide and not your friend. Adding them on your social site which is not a professional one can put you into trouble. If you are bashing the company online or abusing the workplace, it is actually not advisable at all. 


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