Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Resignation Poem

I love This Job Bt I have to Go 
Bcz I have Got Smthng Which I cant Ignore
 I Aimed for the Sky I got the Stars
 And I Saw the World Beyond That I want to Explore 
This isn’t for Money, this isn’t my Greed 
This isn’t abt People that make me Crib 
Bt this is about the Dreams I have always had
 A flick of Hope that makes me Mad
I am Upset, I feel Sad 
To leave the World I created from Scratch
 Bt nw is the age to take more Risk
And this is the Opportunity I cud nt Miss
 Separation will be Painful that’s wat it Seems
 For I wud miss the Boss and the Entire Team 
Our Relationship is Eternal and the world is small 
And I wud be in touch with One and All

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