Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Managing life at the new workplace

Here are some tips:
Let your smile work its magic: Be polite to everyone and smile when you come across colleagues, whether in the cafeteria or at the coffee machine. If you get positive vibes from any of them, start small conversations.

Lunch is the best time to socialize: Join your colleagues at the lunch table, of course only if they do not mind. This way you will get a chance to participate in conversation and let them know that you are good with your work and hence are now a part of their organization.

Don’t open your mouth too soon: For the initial couple of weeks, do not make the mistake of telling a colleague how to perform or handle a certain task. You will immediately get branded as Miss/Mr Perfect. Let your suggestions trickle in as the days move on. Be assertive so that your colleagues know that you are to stay and mean business.

Stay away from gossip: If it comes your way, just listen to gossip, but never indulge in it yourself. Remember, discussing your co-workers, boss or even the former organization can work against you. So, keep your conversations professional and light.

Be punctual: Since you are new and are easily noticed, make sure you reach office on time. Don’t come in late in the initial few weeks or take concession to leave early. Others will view this as favoritism and become more distant with you.

Don’t let others dominate you: Since you are new you will have to learn to compromise and adjust. But that doesn’t mean that you take crap from others. Your colleagues may try to push their work on to you to spite you. Be assertive in declining work, but make sure you pull your weight.

Finally, only having personal rapports may not help as it is only superior performance and productivity that matters in the long run. So, to conclude, instead of wasting time in developing personal equation, one should invest that time in doing the job efficiently which will benefit both the organization as well as the individual.

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