Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6 Performance Management Lessons from Indian Premier League (IPL)

The cheers and music of Vuvuzela is back again. This is yet another IPL season, indeed IPL season 5. I could see that many of ma colleagues are restless at the office to miss their team's matches. Does IPL that viral?

“...Its brand value is estimated to be around $3.67billion in fourth season. According to the Annual Review of Global Sports Salaries by, IPL is the second highest-paid league, based on first-team salaries on a pro rata basis, second only to the NBA. It is estimated that the average salary of an IPL player over a year would be $3.95 million.”

Wikipedia really stunned me with these amazing facts about IPL. But, I was thinking from a different angle: what are the lessons we can take it from IPL?

Six Performance Management Lessons From IPL 
Survival Of The Smartest: The champion will be the one who really survives the cut throat competitions. Therefore, it is crucial to play very smartly not to be thrown away from the tournament. Just like that, a healthy competition is essential everywhere, be it in a game or profession. Sometimes, it is perfect to create such a competitive working atmosphere in your organisation. So that, something great you can expect from your employees refining their skills and making them smarter for the rising demands. 

All-Round Performance: Score well and prove your smartness. Into this, you have to be an all-rounder; an all-round performance alone welcomes growth for the organisation and employees career as well. As an HR, he or she is the real all-rounder in an organisation. Can you measure the growth an HR brings in to your organisation! Such is his or her task and scope. An ideal performance management system makes his task more efficient.

Team Work: Individual performance is necessary but team work is more important. And Chennai SuperKings proved it winning the IPL title twice. Same is with an organisation. It is crystal clear that one cannot make it alone. Instead, he needs the support from the whole team. The team wins not a particular player. 

Prove Yourself: For a cricketer, every match is important in IPL. In fact, it is the time to test his skills and platform to prove himself. As per an employee, every project is a valuable platform to prove himself that I am a good scorer for your team. Later, the frequent reviews and ratings will tell the employee that where he is at present and what he has to achieve further. It will also show him or her whether he is satisfactory or excellent? 

Cheer Leaders: Score fours and sixes and take wickets, cheerleaders are ever ready to cheer you up. I always advise the managers, “never hesitate to appreciate your employees when they are doing great.” The employers should motivate their employees with proper trainings, appraisals and appreciations.

Increase Your Brand Value: Everyone is well aware that a good performer alone wins high bids. Therefore, if you-as an employee- really wish to achieve a promotion or hike you must perform first. Always think that you are a brand and if you want to increase the value of this brand you should share quality, quality alone. 

Well, in short, it is all about performance and performance management. Thinking one step ahead, to manage all your organisations' performance especially your employees' you need a perfect performance management. As like, if Castrol Cricket Index is For Cricket, Performance Management For Organisations and business growth. 

By Gunjan Garg

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