Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Introverts Can Get Noticed at Work?

1. Your work should speak your talent: If you are an introvert, keep in mind to produce excellent work which will allow you to get noticed by the organization. Let your amazing work speak your talent. Likewise try to build up your reputation in the organization. Nancy Ancowitz, author of Self Promotion for Introverts: The Quite Guide to getting ahead, mentions in her book that individuals who can create great impact at work are not the ones who are promoting themselves instead they are been promoted by other people in the organization, who notices their talent and make them known to others.    

2. Build strong relationship with your superiors: Even if you are an introvert, a strong back up in the workplace can always prove to be an advantage for you. This you can very well do by building a strong relationship with your managers, who can help you get promoted in the organization. A strong relationship with people who can help you in career advancement is something which introverts should definitely take into consideration, suggests Nancy.

3. Take credit for your effort: In order to showcase your talent at work it is always advisable for you to take credit for the work you do. This doesn’t mean that you should brag shamelessly about your accomplishment all the time. However, instead of dispersing the credit to the entire team, find out a suitable time and way to strategically mention your overall contribution for the work that has turned fruitful to your boss, says Nancy.   

4. Build a strong network: Although networking events that usually feature large crowds can prove to be uncomfortable for introverts, it is still advisable for them to build strong networks, as more the people you know, the more opportunities you will get to access.  According to Lisa Petrilli, the writer of the Harvards Business Review, networking can be easier for introverts if they attempt to talk with one person at a time rather than trying to talk with a group of people.

5. Introduce yourself through social media: With the help of social networking sites you can introdu ce yourself to a certain group of people related to your field of work, with whom you can build contacts to precede in your career.  If you want to connect with a person related to your field, contact him/her with the help of sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, suggests Lisa. Online reaching out to professionals can be easier for you then contacting people face to face.

6. Become a sounding board for others: Introverts can be good leaders than their extrovert counterpa rts because they possess the ability to listen. However if an introvert is handling the leadership position, chances are there that he/she will use their affinity for listening well to connect with more open people at work.  Introvert leaders are more likely to listen to the team ideas and implement them. Writes author Jennifer B. Kahnweiler at BusinessWeek.

7. Excel at tasks that need less face time:  Introverts are extremely good at tasks that need c oncentration and analysis. You can definitely excel in tasks that require less face time like an annual report, company newsletter or managing a database. Keep in mind that by doing these tasks well you are sure to get noticed by your superiors.  You can become a hero in front of your superiors if you undertake tasks that need patience and depth, which someone else is not willing to do, states Peter Vogt, Monster's senior contributing writer.

8. Prepare for the situations when you have to come outside of your comfort zone:  If you are s cared of situations where you need to give a presentation in a business meeting, do research and prepare yourself well in order to feel more focused and confident. Your co- workers are sure to recognize your hard work, if you are more prepared and know what you are talking about.

9. Take breaks to get recharged : It is quite necessary for introverts to take short breaks from the ir busy schedule as they need some time to relax and clear their mind, this they can do by taking solitary lunch breaks or may be a small walk down the lane as constant meetings can make them feel stressed and pressurized, says Peter.

10. Identify what you are worth:Knowing what you are worth can help you to get a promotion or recognition. If you want a promotion or recognition you should be ready to present what you have achieved till date in the organization that you are working in, this should be in solid terms, says Nancy, and by this you are also sure to convince your manager that you are an important part of the organization.


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