Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7 Things Hiring Managers Notice in You

1. Arrival Time: This is the most important thing to note, as interviewers do give emphasis on the time of your arrival, so never ever arrive late for your interview as it can prove to be a great blunder. You are sure to impress the interviewer if you arrive on time which is just 10 minutes before the appointed time, likewise you should not also show up too early as the interviewer might tend to get irritated by you, remember that interviewers are busy people they have several other tasks to do, if you arrive too early suggests that you want them to leave all their work and attend you.

2. Dress: You must know that the kind of dress that you select to wear for the interview matters a l ot, because the right kind of attire boost your personality and gives a minimum idea to the interviewer about your taste and your sense of professionalism. Therefore it is always advisable for you to call the organization’s front desk before the interview and find out what is their organization’s official dress code, based on that plan out what you can actually wear for the interview.

3. Body language:  As wearing the right outfit for the job interview is quite important, simila rly you should also concentrate on wearing the right body language, therefore focus to look comfortable, at the same time not too relaxed as it can keep you from bagging the offer. Likewise you should also avoid moving restlessly, even if you are nervous sit down and wait and of course never cross your arms in the course of the interview.

4. The style of your communication: If you are a fast- talker or a person who talks very slowly, it 's time that you check out your communication style and try to fix it. Also check out your speaking tone as it should not sound too aggressive or too confident. This you can very well do, if you ask your friend or your relative to hear you and mention the points where you need to concentrate and improve.

5. Your Preparedness: You can very well demonstrate your preparedness, in front of the interviewer b y learning about the organization and its mission. You are sure to come across the most common question asked by most interviewers, what is the organization’s mission? Be ready to answer this question by the basic understanding of the organization’s mission beforehand through research. If you decline to answer this common question, the interviewer might think that you are not much serious about the job and that you have not taken the minimal pain to research beforehand about the company you are interviewing.

6. Enthusiasm:  Remember that your enthusiasm for the job says a lot, like how much eager and e xcited you are for the job opportunity. Likewise show the interviewer your interest for the position you are interviewing. Interviewers show their excitement and preference on hiring applicants who look positive and excited as they believe that applicants, who are excited for job, will do well in the long run than candidate who do not seem to be much excited.

7. Skills and Qualifications: By just having the right dressing sense and the zeal for the job does not mean that you will get hired for the position. You should definitely possess the qualifications and the skill set required for the position. Also, be prepared to explain your skills that can highlight your talent and accomplishments.   


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