Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Nine C's of Engagement and Why EVERYTHING is Communication

The nine C's of engagement, which are worth our consideration as we strive to craft the right employee reward experience.
The Three C's of people centric values
  • Culture - norms and preferences
  • Community - internal and external stakeholders
  • Credibility - trust earned through actions
The Three C's of delivery and communication
  • Channel - means of communication
  • Content - topic or information being covered
  • Cadence - frequency of delivery (ad hoc, scheduled or continuous)
The Three C's of right time drivers
  • Context - roles, relationships, timing; factors impacting how communication is absorbed and interpreted
  • Catalyst - what inspires action and/or response
  • Currencies - things that influence behavior through the exchange of value (important for us to keep in mind that these extend beyond the obvious cash elements to things like recognition, access and influence)
By, Ann Bares - Managing Partner of Altura Consulting Group

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